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We have served hundreds of clients in all types of projects.

Mobile Pro, formerly known as Studio 7 Productions Inc., was founded in 2003 and has been serving our area for over 15 years.

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Core Values

Mobile Pro Brings Passion & Drive

• Genuine
• Innovative
• Passionate
• Adaptable

Our professional staff have over 30 years of combined broadcast and production experience. Our services include video, lighting, audio and modular LED screen rental. We serve customers in Fargo, Jamestown, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot, Valley City and Sioux Falls as well as surrounding areas.


Being genuine means you are sincere to your thoughts and beliefs. You display moral character in your actions, not just within the office but also in your personal decisions. Our commitment to fostering positivity and kindness is at the core of everything we do.


At the forefront of our endeavors lies innovation. We constantly seek to push boundaries and pioneer new solutions that provide the intended outcome for our clients.


Passion is the driving force behind everything we do, fueling our commitment to excellence and igniting our pursuit of success.


Adaptability is our cornerstone, allowing us to thrive in dynamic environments and seamlessly adjust to ever-changing circumstances.

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Meet Our Experts

The Mobile Pro Family

Brian Bestge
Brian Bestge

Brian loves his job and loves the fact that every client becomes more than a client; they become part of our Mobile Pro family. Every company needs a “30,000-foot view guy” and Brian is ours. With over 20 years of production experience, he has worked with an array of production projects and seen how the industry has evolved from live in-person to an emphasis on virtual presentations. Something no one knows about him is that Brian wants to own a cheese store someday. Cheese curds, anyone?

Nick Walters
Nick Walters
Production Manager

Nick brings a wealth of experience to the world of event production, with a career that spans directing TV news broadcasts, orchestrating numerous live sporting and corporate events, and a strong background in technical directing . As our Event Production Manager at Mobile Pro, Nick oversees every facet of event planning, from pre-production to post-production editing, ensuring seamless and memorable experiences for our clients. Nick is a graduate of the Film Production program at Minnesota State University-Moorhead, where he honed his skills in the art of storytelling.

Shannon Jacobson
Shannon Jacobson
Director of Client Experience

Shannon serves as the client liaison from creative concept through the closing curtain and everything in between. Her foresight and attention to detail combine to make your event as smooth as possible at every step along the way. That means digging into the nuances of Zoom, modifying PowerPoint presentations, or creating the perfect ambience for the best audience experience. Fun fact: Shannon is right-handed … unless you ask her to deal cards, count money or, as we found out, wrap cables.

Todd Susag
Todd Susag
Audio Specialist, Logistics and Staging

Todd is Mobile Pro’s resident audio, staging, rigging, and structural professional. He’s worked music events and festivals all over the country. See those big trusses dangling above the stage? That’s a credit to Todd and his understanding of weight ratios (and paying attention during math class). He is also an audio engineer with over 25 years professional experience in audio production and design. His wealth of experience is crucial to your project looking and sounding amazing. He’s also our popcorn machine repairman. The studio smells incredible when he has that baby fired up.

Jackson Arends
Jackson Arends
On-site Production Foreman

A “Jackson-of-all-trades.” Come setup day, Jackson is our traffic cop coordinating projection screens and building LED walls, setting cameras and monitors, running cables for audio and video, hanging lights—whatever we need in-studio or on location. Jackson is the ultimate team player, having learned this industry from the ground up. In high school, Jackson found his niche in the theatre department which has translated well into live event production. He also knows every chicken wing special in the F-M area.

Aaron Laxdal
Aaron Laxdal
Warehouse Lead & Production Specialist

Aaron has taken over our rapidly expanding warehouse of equipment, making sure all gear is going in and out of the warehouse in a trackable and efficient manner. He’s a pretty quiet guy, but don’t let that fool you. Aaron also has working knowledge of audio, lighting, and our LED walls so your project will look and sound its absolute best. If you have a creative idea, chances are we will bounce it off Aaron first to see if it can be done. His experience has proven invaluable since coming onboard from HB Lighting & Sound.

Nolan Wileman
Nolan Wileman
Video Production Specialist

Nolan has been a great addition to the Mobile Pro team with his experience in a number of areas, in particular being our lead camera at most events and assisting with streaming content via the web. Nolan has post-production skills as well, graduating from MSUM’s film production school. Video depositions are another specialty of his having worked with law firms across the country. And while he is the choir director at his church, there is no truth to the rumor he will be producing the first ever Mobile Pro Greatest Hits album.

Jeremy Germain
Event Estimator/3-D Design Specialist

A Marine Corp veteran, Jeremy’s knowledge of 3-D design will prove beneficial in working with venues and determining how we can best take advantage of the space we are working in. He will also help get project estimates back to the client in a timely manner. Jeremy’s years in the military allowed him to see the world, but now he and his family are settled in Moorhead enjoying Minnesota winters complete with shoveling snow, board games, and music.

Eli Swanson
Eli Swanson
Production Specialist

Eli fills many part time roles here at Mobile Pro, from running camera, to helping with setups, to serving as a technical director. Eli comes from a sports information background that helped him transition to live production. His full-time gig is managing social media for TheRinkLive.com, part of Forum Communications. Eli is an ordained minister, has an appreciation of Premier League Futbol, and is a graduate of Concordia College. Roll Cobbs!

Clarence Dawes
Clarence Dawes
Partner Provider /Lighting and Sound

You want to “light up” a room? Clarence is our go-to creative lighting expert with many years of experience setting the mood and environment for corporate events, concerts, weddings, and more. Our team comes up with the concept, then Clarence and his team, Roaming Thunder, take it from there. The same goes for sound; where to set speakers and levels to cover the entire show space. Nobody likes an echo…echo…echo—especially Clarence. Check out his work at www.roamingthunder.com.

Jeremy Albright
Partner Provider/Videographer and Photographer

Talk about an eye for the job. Jeremy specializes in award-winning photography that he provides for many of our corporate events and concerts, plus you’ll see him with a handheld video camera capturing those unique angles that make your event stand out even more. You’ll find him on Facebook at Jeremy L. Albright Video & Photography. Oh, he’s a pretty amazing DJ, too (he asked to me to throw that in).

Brian Bingham
Brian Bingham
Partner Provider/Audio Specialist

Your event is not just about what is happening on the stage. You have to hear it throughout the entire room—CLEARLY. That’s where Brian comes in. Whatever your audio needs, chances are Brian has it inside his traveling road show of state-of-the-art gear. Mobile Pro has partnered with Brian for many years and we love his audio-mixing wizardry. He comes prepared with the right combination of microphones and speakers to match the event. Learn more about Brian’s talents at www.PirateRadio.Productions.

Amber Rook
Assistant Coordinator
Trevor Erickson
Technical Director

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